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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I LOVE the MTC!! I don't know how anyone can't love it! It is so spiritual, fun and just all around amazing! A huge part of it being so good is due to my district! Districts at the MTC are the group of Elders and Sisters that you go to classes and everything with. They are INCREDIBLE! I am so thankful for the people that are in my district. Our district is District 35D. We got so lucky to get the elders and sisters that we did in our group. Everyone is so spiritual, kind and mature. All the Elders are so kind and laid back. No one has to worry about any cliques or being made fun of. We are all a family and love each other so much! From the start we got along together so well. As we walk from building to building and see other Elders and Sisters from different districts we see how lucky we really are. Our district really intermingled and are such great friends! Attached is a picture of our district in front of a picture. I'll tell you all their names. 

Starting from the left. Elder Terry (from Las Vegas doing to Cincinatti Ohio), Elder Bell (from Sandy UT going to Cin. Ohio), behind elder Bell is Elder Richins (from Henefer UT going to Omaha Nebraska), next to elder Bell is Elder Day (from South Jordan UT going to Nebraska), behind him is Elder Paige (From UT going to Cin. Ohio), Elder Lawrence (from Fruitland, Idaho going to Cin. Ohio), Elder Smith (from Bountiful UT going to Nebraska), Elder DeHaan (from Utah? Going to Nebraska), in the back is Sister Bohne (bonee, from Los Vegas & NY, going to Scottsdale!) In front of her is sister Odom (from St. George UT going to Cin. Ohio), the one in the red is Sister Sisco (from Everett Washington going to Cin. Ohio) between them in the back is Sister Newman (currently from Idaho but has lived all over going to Scottsdale) and then there is my companion Sister Moss (from Idaho going to Scottsdale) and me.

My district at the MTC


Yep, so no Elders going to Arizona. Sister Newman actually went to Jr High and High School with me! So I know her already and she is awesome! Our district leader is Elder Smith (blonde messy hair) and the zone leaders are Elder Lawrence and Elder Page. They are such great leaders.  I can't when explain how amazing they all are. We are all soooooo sad to leave each other soon. We wish we could all just go to the same mission or just stay in the MTC forever. They are so nice and I don't think I would have liked the MTC at all if it weren't for them. We are able to have a group chat on Google messages with everyone to send pictures and to talk to each other about where to meet up. 

For exercise time, which is 1 hour per day we all go to the field across from the MTC and play volleyball. I absolutely hate sports, but it is fun because every one is just so kind. It is actually against mission rules to keep score so that makes it better. All the Elders cheer on everyone else and no one makes fun of someone else, so there is no need to worry about messing up. Yesterday we played Missionary Tag ( high five version, not linking arms) and it was super fun.


The 4th of July was alright. They let us watch the stadium of fire fireworks from inside, but only from the second floor so you couldn't really see anything. They said that we could stay up until 11 but our district opted to go to bed earlier because the next day we has service at 6:19 am. We were all very tired. For our service we cleaned one of the buildings. 

Our classroom is on the 6th floor of the T4 building and our window looks right out at the BYU stadium. The views are amazing! Also the MTC campus is super pretty. We call in spiritual prison though, because of the tight schedule and because we can only leave campus to go exercise.

Unfortunately, the Provo Temple is closed for cleaning for 6 weeks so we cannot go, but later today we are planning on at least waking the grounds. 

Yesterday we taught our first TRC investigator. This person could be a member that is acting as a nonmember or could really be a nonmember. We taught her the plan of salvation and it went really well! We are teaching her tomorrow and Friday and then have another person to teach on Thursday and Saturday. Our teachers are so cool! Sister Perez, Brother MacFarlane and Brother Sandstrom are the teachers. They are all super good! 

To get to the title of this email... at the first devotional/meeting the speaker asked us what day it was. Everyone obviously said Wednesday but she said no, today is a great day to be a missionary! So true!! All the devotionals are soooooo good, but long. We are all getting kinda tired of them but oh well. 

We can wear pants!


Sister McCauley and Sister Moss

Watching Fireworks

District 35D

Here are pictures of the Elders. Elder Dehaun ate 10 ice cream sandwiches in one sitting....& 19 in 2 days... Haha

Here are more pics of them being wierd. They sent them in the group chat. Also, there is another picture of some of our district going to lunch together. 

-Sister McCauley

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