Uinta Camping Trips 2020

My family and I went on 2 camping trips this summer! We went to the Uinta's and camped at Stillwater campground, in June and July. Here are a bunch of pictures and a brief summary of each trip.

June Trip

It rained almost the entire time while we were camping! We are so grateful for our trailer and generator because it was soooo cold!

My brother does Cross Country and Track in school. He has to run so many miles each day, so on each trip we make sure he runs. We drive on one of the many dirt roads and calculate how many miles up the road we drive. Then we drop him off and follow him back to the beginning of the road.

It started snowing and was super foggy! Crazy to have snow in June, right?! The weather made for some pretty cool pictures though!

July Trip

We hiked to Ruth Lake! The hike was around 2.5 miles round trip so it wasn't too bad. The lake was super pretty!

We had lots of fun around the campfire. We roasted marshmallows, cooked turnovers, popcorn, hamburgers, biscuits and more!

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