The Rains Came Down & The Floods Came Up

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

This week all of our teaching appointments were cancelled. The lessons for members and nonmembers/less active were all canceled. We are having a hard time finding people to teach. Members don't really give any referrals and when we go contacting or knock on doors, no one is interested. They have either been bugged a million times by past missionaries and don't care or they are super active members of another church and so they don't want anything to do with ours. Everyone is super nice when rejecting us, but it's still rejection. A lot of members go to a church called The Church. Yes, it's literally called The Church. So we have been focusing a lot on trying to get members to give us referrals and to pray for missionary experiences. We are only teaching 1 girl right now and she had to cancel because her husband is supposedly in the hospital. Its been a slow week. 


We have been sharing this quote by Elder Uchtdorf with members. "Pray not only for the missionaries to find the elect. Pray daily with all your heart that you will find those who will come and see, come and help, and come and stay. Keep the full-time missionaries in the loop." I would encourage everyone back home or wherever you are to pray for missionary opportunities. God won't give you any situation that you can't handle. The missionaries really need your help!


We did have  Zone Conference this past week! President and Sister Cox and the APs taught us. We were trained on how to teach youth to invite others to church, mutual, seminary, read the BOM, etc. It was really good! We then also talked about technology and how to use it more effectively. Its hard to use technology when you can only use it on wifi. Basically we just went over the safeguards again and device audits.


I was able to see Sister Wood who I went to Junior High with, though! It was super fun to catch up a little bit. Also, 2 elders came up to me at ZC and asked where I was from. Apparently they had dad (Mr. McCauley) as a teacher at Davis High. They are Elder Ryan Layton and Elder Brayden Barlow. Do you know them? 

Crazy story... We decided to go see a part member family that is out in the boonies. It takes forever to drive there. When we got there we walked up to the house and a guy comes out with a huge snake wrapped around his neck that he said gets up to 10 feet long. Sister Levy held the snake, but I sure did not. He then brought out 3 more snakes, a gecko, and a chameleon. I held the chameleon, but by the picture, you can see that he wasn't too happy that I was holding him. They loved talking to us but as soon as we brought up church, the guy went inside and they were not interested at all. So that was a fun but sad visit. Oh we also saw a tarantula on the same day that we saw all the other reptiles... yikes!

On Friday a monsoon hit. It started pouring during dinner at around 5:30. Luckily it calmed down a ton by the time we left. Most of the houses here have just gravel/dirt roads so when there is a monsoon, everything floods. We saw yards that were completely under water. There is a spot for a creek to run by the church and I always wondered what it was for since there was never water in it. Well, when it rains, everything drains into that creek and it is full. All of the roads get muddy and full of water filled pot holes. Luckily we have a truck! 

-Sister McCauley

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Sister Wood and Sister McCauley

Me holding the camilion and it (and I) freaking out

Zone Conference Companion Picture

View from the top of the rodeo bleachers

Snake guy holding the "small" snake

The houses in the boonies have all their mailboxes together about 1-2 miles from their houses

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