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I am in love with Pinterest! Before starting my blog, I had never used Pinterest as a marketing tool. I used it to pin aesthetic pictures, outfit ideas, travel inspiration, and more, but never to gain traffic. I love marketing and read anything to do with it. I kept hearing that Pinterest Strategies and using Pinterest as a marketing tool was huge! I soon realized how great Pinterest actually was for bloggers.

Here’s exactly how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog!


Switching your account to a Pinterest Business profile will allow you to view your analytics and see which of your pins are performing best. This way, once you have been pinning for a while, you can see which of your pins are performing best and create more similar Pins. You also can see which Pins aren’t performing as great and change them.


Make a Pinterest board called “Best of (Your Blog Name)” and feature it, so it’s the first thing pinners see when they view your profile. You should pin all of the graphics you create for your blog posts to this board!


Search engine optimization (SEO) or keywords work similarly on Pinterest as it does on blogs. Your profile and pins are more likely to be found if you include relevant keywords to your blog niche and its content in multiple places. Some of the best places to include keywords are in:

· Your Pinterest name

· Your Pinterest bio

· Board descriptions

· Pin descriptions


I use a program called Canva to create my Pin graphics. I looooove Canva for so many reasons! First of all, you can create a free account! You do not have to create a paid plan, but I do recommend it! In the paid version, there are so many more options, and there is an image gallery that has perfect pictures that you can download for your blog! There are still many, many options if you do go with a free account, though.

Canva has so many templates to choose from to create graphics. They have a Pinterest section to help you create pins. If you are not a graphic designer or don’t have the time to create a Pin from scratch, Canva is the choice for you. They also have templates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so many more!

Click here to create an account!


Create at least two pins for each of your blog posts so you can see if one variation performs better than the other. (This is where having a business account comes in handy, so you can view your Pin analytics and see how their performance is doing) Usually, I just switch up the image, colors, or title on each pin.

Testing multiple Pins also makes it more likely that someone will view your blog post. There is a better chance that they will click on one of your pins if you have multiple pins out there.


I personally have not joined any group boards; however, I have heard that it can increase your blog traffic a lot! I use my Pinterest account for other personal boards as well and don’t want my feed clouded with all the group board pins. If you don’t mind that, then go for it and join a group board! By doing this, multiple people see your post, and it is an excellent way to promote your blog.


The newest addition to Pinterest is story pins! I am not sure they are even available to every pinner yet! I just received an email about testing the story pins and already know how these are going to be a game-changer in driving traffic. I believe that only business accounts can create story pins so far, so that is another good reason to make your account a business account.

Here are the directions directly from Pinterest on how to create the new story pins! I am so excited to see these in my Pinterest feed!

  1. Click Create at the top then click Create Story Pin

  2. Click the up arrow icon and choose a cover image or video from your computer, or drag and drop to add the image or video

  3. Add a title and select your font, font size, placement, or highlight and color on the right side

  4. Click the plus icon on the top-left side to add more images or videos

  5. Tap Next

  6. Choose a board to save your Story Pin to from the drop-down menu

  7. Search and add up to 10 tag topics to add to your Story Pin to reach people searching for similar ideas

  8. Tap Publish


Many bloggers and businesses use Tailwind to stay active on Pinterest. (You can create an account here.) I don’t like using Tailwind because I like being more in charge of when and what I Pin. I find pinning posts are a lot easier just doing them myself.


If you don’t already have a good knowledge of how Pinterest works, learn! Investing your time in learning the ins and outs of Pinterest is so worth it. Pinterest has so much potential, and if you don’t know how to use it, it may not be worth it to you. Honestly, when you start using the platform, you’ll learn quickly and understand how it works.

Below are some basic terms to help you understand Pinterest!

Pins: These all the images you see on Pinterest. Almost every pin is linked to a webpage where it was found. Pins are an invitation for a user to click through to a post, page, or website and find more information.

Pinners: These are the users of Pinterest. Pinners are usually those who repin/repost pins to their boards.

Boards: These are collections of images created by users on Pinterest. They are a way to organize all your pins.

Group Boards: These are created by a pinner who then invites collaborators (other Pinterest users) to pin on that board as well.

Story Pins: These are just like pins, except they are multiple pages long and are used to tell a story. Each pin can have a maximum of 20 pages, with 5 pages being the minimum.

Home Feed: This is what you see when you log in to your account either at or on the app. Similar to Facebook’s feed, it is based not only on whom you follow but on other factors as well. Suggested pins and other pins that relate to your search history will appear here.

Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you use my affiliate link.

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