One Month Out and a New Area

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

So this past week I have still been on the Indian reservation but on Saturday I was transferred to Taylor which is in the mountains next to Snowflake. I really like it so far. It is 20 degrees cooler than in the valley and is full of members. They are super nice and welcoming. I am in a trio with Sister Morgan who is from Sandy and Sister Levy who is from Washington and they are awesome! We are over 3 wards so Sunday is crazy. We go to 2 wards and then split up with a member companion to go to the 3rd because it is during the same time as the 2nd ward. 

Also, the Snowflake temple is so pretty but very small. It is built up on a little hill and there are some crazy huge houses right under it. Some of the other sisters live in the basement of a mansion right below the temple! Crazy story from the res. So we went to visit a member named Rema. She lives in a bright purple house and is very.... different. Anyways while we were visiting she gets up, grabs the back of my head by my hair and pulls it hard, saying that I'm so skinny that thw monsoons are going to blow me away. Crazy. She then proceeds to check my dress size and kept hitting me in the side saying that I'm too skinny. The funny part is that she was skinnier than me. It was very wierd and I kept trying to get my companion to leave. She didn't get the hint and we were there for about an hour. She gave us some questionable food and luckily didn't notice that we slipped it into our bags. That was a crazy day for sure.  While on the res we were able to go to The Stand which sells Fry Bread (Navajo Tacos) and I got a popover which is Fry Bread folded over with beans and cheese in the middle. It was amazing! Fry Bread is my favorite food so it was awesome that we could go before I left. The Stand is a little questionable, but I didn't get sick so that's good. Oh and there was a crazy rain storm in the valley and it was pouring. It made everything cool down but it was super humid.  Here in Taylor, we live right across the street from Rodeo grounds. So that's pretty cool. The sisters say that they go over there and use the stairs on the bleachers for exercise, so we will see how that goes this week. We also live right next to a cemetery. Kinda wierd, but the house is super cute and nice. I don't have to sleep on a bunk bead and its not as hot at night so I'm finally sleeping better.  On the first day that I got to Snowflake/Taylor we went to a baptism. I can't remember the last time that I even went to a baptism so it was super cool to start off being in a new area with attending a baptism. We also went on Saturday night and visited an inactive guy. He was outside working on building a wedding reception venue and he agreed to let us come "practice" teaching a lesson to him. We talked for quite a while. Later that night we got a text from him thanking us for coming to visit him because all he was thinking about doing that night was going out and getting a drink. So he ran out of time, didn't get a drink and told us that he will try to not drink the rest of the week, but look our lesson better be worth it! It was so cool to see how something simple, like visiting someone random, can lead to miracles.  I just want to thank everyone for all the prayers, emails and letters. Thanks for the support. It means a lot! I am doing much better. 

Sister McCauley

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The Stand

Sketchy ice cream truck from the res.

Cool picture of us leaving a pass along card on a door

Me and my old companion, Sister Togisala on the res.

Cool painting on a house. A lot of brick walls, fences and houses on the res are painted.

Me and my new companions! Sister Morgan, me and Sister Levy

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