Let's Taco 'bout Jesus

This week nothing too big happened. I had interviews in Clay Springs with the president. He isn't doing well at all. He is now on dialysis and is probably going to need a kidney transplant! 

On Saturday we had exchanges. We met in Heber, which is 40 minutes away, to exchange. Sister Hudson came with me to Taylor! She is awesome! 

Also, the new handbook came out and we now have 1-hour lunches! So when we were on exchanges we went to Eva's and ate because Sister Hudson forgot her lunch. It was so good and someone paid for our lunch! That morning we also had a transfer breakfast again with all the missionaries in the Snowflake area. 

We also drove way out into the boonies to visit a member. She lives so far out there because she breeds dogs and doesn't want to bother people with the barking. She has 14 dogs and then an additional 6-10 that she is going to sell! Crazy! While we were out there we took a bunch of pictures because our dinner got canceled and we had time. 

On Sunday we ate at a member's house and it was really good. After we were done eating, she asked us if we now what meat we just ate. We were kinda scared after she said that. Well, apparently they raise rabbits to "harvest!" Crazy! She said that the one we just ate was the first one she had prepared. At least it tasted fine. 

We also went and hiked Schoens Dam this morning! It was pretty fun!

Sister McCauley

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Out in the middle of nowhere

Let's Taco 'Bout Jesus with Sis. Hudson

Name Tags

The Book of Mormon... just thought it was a cool picture.

All of us at the Transfer Breakfast.

All of us after the hike

Someone graffitied the image of the aliens that we all buy in Heber


Sister Bell and me at the top!


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