How I Edit My Pictures

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

If you don't already use presets to edit your photos, you need to check these out! I love Alexa Jean's photo presets! I use them on the mobile Lightroom app and on the Desktop version. They are my favorite and are really worth the money! I love how much warmth and light they add to photos. Here are some examples of how I have used them on my photos!

I still have to adjust how much of the preset options are used on each photo, but usually they are pretty spot on. It also depends on the aesthetic look that you are going for. Some images will look bright, whereas others will have a more "vintage" look to them.

I even have used these presets for some architecture shots. Presets don't only have to be applied to portraits. They make every picture look great!

I would seriously go check out these presets. Even if you don't absolutely love them, there are so many different preset packs for sale from many different photographers or influencers. If you love how you edit your photos already, you can create a preset and quickly apply those edits to all your pictures!

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