I Moved Into My College Apartment!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I start college this Monday!!! How crazy is that?!! I am super excited, but also a little bit nervous! Well, to get into the back to school mood I thought I'd share pics of my room and a list of some things that I got for college! The pictures may be a little blurry because I forgot my DSLR camera at home, so they were taken with my iPhone... oops!

First off, here is a pic of my favorite place in my room; my desk! I love how it turned out! It holds all my study necessities, textbooks, makeup and more! I may be moving the plants to my window sill, but for now, their home is at the top of my desk.

Yes, of course I had to bring my poster of Taylor and Niall with me! They add a little bit of fun to the room!

Next to my desk, on the wall, is my bulletin board. I love hanging all of my favorite things on this to display. In the middle, I have a collage that I made. I make collages like this about twice a year. I love just putting things that I love or that inspire me on it. Then I have a bunch of concert and movie tickets and some other random items. My sister had the great idea to hang a string from the bottom to make room to display more things. I decided to put a large calendar here so I could always see what is going on and don't have to look in my planner for everything.

Next to the bulletin board is my nightstand. It is a three cube organizer that doubles as my nightstand. You can't see in this picture, but the lamp shade is just white. I really liked the geometric shape of the base, and it was pretty cheap, so I had to get it. I also have a couple of fake succulents and a ring/jewelry holder. Eventually my Amazon Echo Dot will be here too, but I haven't brought it from home yet.

Just left of the nightstand is my bed. I love my comforter! I had to get a new one because my bed at home is a Queen. I absolutely fell in love with this one from Target! The other side of the comforter is super fuzzy and it literally the best! I don't know if you can tell, but the other pillowcase is cactus print. I was able to find super cute cactus sheets at Target as well, and they are my favorite! Also, you probably can’t see, but I have some fairy lights hanging around my room!

At the base of my bed, I have a full-length mirror propped up and my laundry basket.

Across the room from my bed is my closet. It holds all my clothes, extra toiletries and extra food that my shelf in the pantry won't hold. I got some blue containers from the dollar store to keep my socks and clothes. It is a pretty big closet, so I still have some more room on the left side for additional items. I also got this amazing jewelry hanger that holds all my necklaces, earrings and bracelets! I don't have a picture of it, but you can kind of see it hanging on the right side.

Underneath my dresses, I have almost all of my shoes. We got the shoe rack on the left from Hollar for really cheap, and it works great!

On the wall next to my closet is this whiteboard. I only wanted a whiteboard so I could hang all my magnets on it. This displays all my church pictures and quotes. I also got a little magnetic container from the dollar store to hold my extra push pins for the bulletin board across the room. The magnetic plant is from Target and is soooo cute!!!

I think that's about it for my room! Watch for a blog post coming soon about my whole apartment and about my roommates! Below is a bunch of links to most of the items in my room and some additional items that I got for college!




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